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Weddings Structure Tents

Structure tents are much larger than your traditional frame tents. They are typically used for long-term commercial applications. These are a great option if you are planning on setting up a venue at a country club or banquet hall. They have an impressive height compared to a traditional frame tent.  The difficulty involved in the installation process makes it is more budget-friendly to use a jumbotrac frame tent for backyard venues. However, it is absolutely possible to use a structure tent for a backyard venue, but you should anticipate spending 20-30% more.


There are a few primary differences between a traditional frame tent and a structure tent. First, the height of the legs or walls is 2′ higher with a structure tent. This makes the structure tent feel massive, even with a small footprint. The maximum height of the frame tent, also known as the apex, is much taller than a traditional frame tent. All of our structure tents have 10′ legs or walls. All of our standard frame tents, including our JumboTrac series, have 8′ legs. In addition, all of our large pole tents also have 8′ legs. Make sure that you ask your rental company about this. Many companies will rent tents with 7′ legs. This will make the tent feel small.  Please do not rent a tent with 7′ legs.


In addition to the wall height, the ceiling is also 3-4 feet taller than a traditional frame tent. This makes a huge difference in appearance. If you are considering a structure tent, you should know that these are not ordinary or standard by any means for a weekend event. These are simply the best of best. If you are interested in the next best thing we offer the JumboTrac clear-span frame tent. This tent is the most popular large frame tent that we rent. They are very popular, I highly recommend looking at our weddings page.

Wedding Structure Tent Rental
Wedding Structure Tent Rental