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Luxurious Sailcloth Tent Rental

Sailcloth Tents are our deluxe tent option for weddings and higher-end events. Featuring hardwood poles, sailcloth fabric, and high peaks, they’re a great product to consider when you’re getting married. Being a 60ft wide tent, there are two rows of center poles adding to the unique feel of the tent. Additionally, when the tent is lit up at night, it almost seems to glow making your event the center of attention.

59x39 Tidewater Sailcloth Pole Tent
Tidewater Sailcloth Pole Tent - Translucent Top - Night
Sail Cloth Tent
Mountain Ceder Sailcloth Pole Tent - Tidewater
sailcloth tent
Day Time - Interior of a Black and White Theme - Tidewater
Clarkston sail cloth tent
Twin Pole Tidewater Sailcloth Pole Tent
sailcloth wedding tent with flooring
Ikadan Flooring inside a Tidewater Twin Pole Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth Tents are an exceptionally unique option when looking into renting for an event. The tents have round ends whereas a normal tent will have squared-off ends. This is the only 60ft wide pole tent we carry. You can also order custom flags above the center poles of the tent. Typically our clients will use these tents for weddings and they’re a step above what you can get from the other guys. For a luxurious tent option, look no further than our Sailcloth Tents.

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