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portable tent heater

Flagro – 450K BTU – Diesel Heater

Flagro 400 Indirect Fire Deisel Heater

The Flagro Indirect-Fired Deisel Heater is a great choice to heat an event, construction site, or temporary structure. 

This is a 390,000 BTU/Hr; Indirect Fired Oil Heater. The units are setup and rented to be ran on Diesel fuel. 

Propane options available for rent as well.

This heater requires 3 feet on all sides, and 10 feet in front of clearance for combustibles.

Do not operate this heater unsupervised or around small children.

Fuel Source Heat Capacity Tank Capacity Fuel Consumption Run Time Air Circulation Power Requirements
up to 390,000 btuh
42 Gallons
2.81 GPH
14 Hours
2,500 CFM up to 50'
115V / 15A (10.5A Draw)