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Infrared Tube – 125K BTU – Propane Heater Rental

Radiant heaters provide superior heat for outdoor winter tenting. Especially for restaurants and ski resorts.



Infrared Tube – 125K BTU – Radiant Propane Tent Heater Rental

The radiant tent heater is an infrared tube rental heater, it is a great option for an event that is in an open space.

The radiant tent heater is a suspended unit, with a fan that forces hot gas down the length of the tube, creating radiant heat. Radiant heat is transmitted through electromagnetic waves in the air. When these waves are intercepted by objects and people, they absorb the energy and begin to warm. Just like standing in the sunlight on a hot day.

Radiant tent heaters are almost silent when running. This allows for minimal impact heating with opportunity for your guests to warm themselves without distracting loud noise.

Because radiant heat is produced and transmitted instantly, there is no need for expensive pre-heating. Infrared heaters provide warmth very quickly so you can save on the cost of heating seldom used areas.

This heater uses infrared heating to efficiently warm people and objects directly instead of the ambient air. This results in a more direct heating of people and objects inside the space. This also results in a very low running cost, since you’re heating objects and people instead of heating an area that is not in use.

The radiant tent heater is very efficient and are commonly used to heat factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars, garages, outdoor seating and other large areas.

These rental heaters are customizable can be installed either vented or unvented depending on customer needs.

Give us a call to discuss usage and pricing.

Download Operation Manual (PDF)
Fuel Source Heat Capacity Tank Capacity Fuel Consumption Run Time Air Circulation Power Requirements
Propane up to 125,000 btuh External (47.2 Gal) 1.37 gph 34 Hours Radiant 120 V AC / 4.8 A
radiant heater
Temporary Structures

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