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Canopy Tent Rental - 20 Wide Pole Tent

Approximate Seating by Tent Size
20x20 Canopy Pole Tent Seats 32 (60" Round) - 40 (8' Rectangular)
20x30 Canopy Pole Tent Seats 48 (60" Round) - 64 (8' Rectangular)
20x40 Canopy Pole Tent Seats 64 (60" Round) - 96 (8' Rectangular)
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A white 20 wide canopy tent rental is a perfect pole tent for backyard events such as a graduation party. These 20 wide canopy tents have poles in the middle of the tent and around the perimeter with ropes and stakes outside the tent, 1 every 10′.  Canopies are typically placed in backyards to open fields on flat grass. Canopy tent rentals need at least five feet of additional space around the perimeter, this is required to provide room for stakes that secure the canopy to the ground.

  • 20’x20′ requires a 30’x30′ area
  • 20’x30′ requires a 30’x40′ area
  • 20’x40′ requires a 30’x50′ area

NOTE: Tent and staking area must be free and clear of all tree limbs, branches and wires.

If you have space restrictions or are placing the tent over a hard surface such as pavement, please see our 20′ Wide Frame Tents.


  • Peak Height = 15′
  • Head Clearance = 7′

Site Requirements:

  • These tent requires an unobstructed flat area with an additional 5ft for staking around the perimeter.

  • These tent can NOT be erected over a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete.

  • Nothing should come in contact with the tent such as shrubs, tree branches and or power lines.

  • See frame tents for tents erected over hard surfaces

  • 30”-42″ stakes are driven into the ground to secure/anchor the tent. This tent has no other anchoring options.

  • Please locate and mark all private underground utilities in or around the location of the tent prior to delivery. Utilities could include, but not limited to sprinkler lines, non-utility electric, swimming pool lines, telephone, sewage, etc.