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4-Channel Straight Wire Guard 3ft

4-Channel Straight Wire Guard 3ft



Our 4-channel straight wire guards are most commonly rented for events with high foot/car traffic.  4-channel straight wire guards are designed to house, up to, four separate electrical lines, for the purpose of preservation and protection.  These wire guards are most commonly rented for weddings, festivals, corporate events, fundraisers, etc.  These particular wire guards come in 3ft increments and can be connected to specific lengths. Wire guards are great for any event that is planning on having a large number of people/cars crossing over the path of wiring/extension cords.  Wire guards also create a visual appeal of professionalism when hosting fundraisers, corporate events, or weddings. Knights Tent and Party Rental has a various number of extension cord options, ranging from 100ft extension cords to 30amp power distribution outlets.  If you are looking for an extension cord with stronger capabilities, a different colored cord, or a shorter/longer extension cord option, consider looking through our extension cord catalog.  Do not hesitate to call our sales office at (248) 238-2400 with any/all questions regarding any of the products that we offer. Our sales staff is more than happy to assistant you through the entire event planning process! Check out our company on Wedding Wire!

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