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Engineered Structure Tents

Width Snow Load Wind Load
20x 37 lbs/sqft 107 mpg
40x 25 lbs/sqft 93 mpg
60x 26 lbs/sqft 81 mpg
40x Radial 26 lbs/sqft 81 mpg

The first thing to understand about snow-loaded structure tents is that if the tent manufacture does not specify a snow load then it does not have a snow load. Our tents carry a snow load and specifically designed with Michigan winters in mind. These tents are engineered to meet the specification listed above in the table.

Many tent rental companies will claim to be able to handle a snow load, but what they really mean is that they will go out in the middle of the night to shovel it off so that it doesn’t collapse. In our years of growth, we have done this. We know, that it is only a matter of time before a tent that is not engineered for snow buckles under the weight. If you are storing expensive equipment or depend on this tent for your operation during the winter months. I highly recommend doing your research into what type of product you will be renting. These are high quality durable winter shelters.