80 Person Graduation Starter Package (30×45 Canopy Tent Rental)


  • 1 – 30ft x 45ft Canopy Tent
  • 10 – Round Tables
  • 80 – Black Folding Chairs

80 Person Graduation Party Tent Package:

Our 80 person graduation party tent package includes a 30ft x 45ft canopy tent, 10 tables, and 80 chairs of your choice. This party tent can be set up on grass or asphalt so it allows you a couple of options of where the tent can be placed. If you’re looking for a tent that can be placed on concrete with block staking, consider our 80 Graduation Package. Keep in mind, this tent requires a space of 40ft x 55ft to set up. If you’re unsure of your space, give us a call and schedule a site visit at (248)238-2400. There are other options that we recommend such as sidewalls, lighting, and temperature control. We have a variety of lights to choose from. For example, we have bistro lights, LED string lights, chandeliers, and uplighting.

The table options that are included for this party tent are round and rectangle tables and each table is able to comfortably seat 8 people. We carry linen to cover either table styles in a choice of white, ivory, or black. At Knight’s Party Rental, we understand that planning your event now is stressful and we have a solution for the new social distancing guidelines. We carry cocktail and/or cafe tables that work great for this purpose. They keep your guests standing and not congregating for too long at the party tent.

As for chairs, there are 2 options to choose from and either of the chairs come in black or white. All of the chair options are sturdy and comfortable, although the padded chair options look somewhat nicer than our standard folding chairs.  Check out the other chair options that we carry here.

Knight’s Party Rental has been in business for 10 years and we are excited to continue to serve our communities!