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Long Term Tent Rental or Lease

If you are a restaurant, contractor, business owner or just looking for additional space, then our structure tents will handle the job. If you are looking to use these tents for commercial applications like storage or adding to your floor space these structure tents will be a good fit. The 10′ walls can accommodate more storage space and provide a more open atmosphere.

Rental Agreement

The rental agreement for these strucuture tents can be priced accordingly, with the duration of the rental in mind. Typically, the longer you decided to rent the tent for, the less money you can pay per month. It is really important to determine how long you would like to rent the structure before renting. There are a variety of reasons for this. First, you want to get the best deal you can, by renting according to the total time you will have the structure. Second, you don’t want to plan on extending your agreement and come to find out that someone else has rented it after your rental agreement has expired


One important thing to think about when deciding to rent a commercial structure is security. If you are going to be storing expensive machinery,  materials, or merchandise, then you should consider renting a structure with hard panel walls. The reason is simple, vinyl walls are too easy to break into. With our structures, you can rent hard panel walls and double doors. You can lock the double doors when you close up for the night. Further, if you are looking to store large machines that are too big for a double door. We can install a garage door for your machines.
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