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Clear Top Structure Tent

  • 10′ Legs 
  • 19′ Apex Ceiling Height
  • White Trim 
  • Gorgeous Lighting Options
  • Flooring Options Available 


  • Features tinted clear ceiling windows
  • The entrance has french tinted window sidewalls
  • A true clear-span structure tent 
  • Tall & Grand
  • 10 legs tower over traditional frame tents
  • 22oz coated vinyl sets a new standard on quality
  • Load bearing 4 season tent: 20lbs/sqft snow rating
  • Heavy-Duty combined with grace
  • Apex Height: 17′

60’x120’x10′ Structure Tent Rental

  • Snow Rated Structure 
  • Full Clearspan 
  • Winter Purlins 
  • Multiple Commercial Use Case
  • Turnkey solutions

French Tinted Window Gable End 

  • Elegant Tinted Windows

French Tinted Window Sidewalls

  • 25oz Luxury Ferrari Vinyl
  • Thick Tinted Window Vinyl

Clear Top Structure Tent Rental

  • Panoramic Clear Sidewalls
  • Clear Ceiling Panels
  • Stage Trussing and Spot Lights

Clear Top Clearspan Structures are available. 

  • Mix & Match White & Clear Tops 
  • True Clearspan, no guidewires or bracer bars
  • Large peak height
  • Highest Quality Clear Vinyl In Market
  • Made in North America

60’x120’x10′ Warehouse Structure Tent Rental

  • Commercial grade application 
  • Commercial warehouse 
  • Long term rentals available 
  • 19′ height gives plenty of clearance for two shelves of racking in addition to underneath
  • Larger Sizes Available

Extremely Durable & Winter Rated