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40 Wide Canopy Tent Rental

Our White Canopy Tents rely on tension to hold the shape of the tent system and are supported by single or multiple center poles in the middle of the tent area and a series of side poles around the perimeter of the tent area. Canopy Pole Tents have ropes and stakes 5′-8′ around the perimeter, and ideally are used on grass or dirt only. With the large variety of sizes, these tents are used for weddings, corporate events, private parties, graduations and commencements, and conferences. If a canopy tent will not work, consider our Frame Tents, Structure tents, or also even AST – American Structure Tent

Approximate Seating by Tent Size
40x40 Pole Tent 128
40x60 Pole Tent 192
40x80 Pole Tent 256
40x100 Pole Tent 320
40x120 Pole Tent 380
40x140 Pole Tent 440
40x160 Pole Tent 500
40x180 Pole Tent 560
40x80 pole tent with leg drapes
40 Wide Canopy Tent Rental
40 x 140 White Canopy Tent Rental Concert, Baby Shower, Weddings
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