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30 Wide Canopy Tent Rental

Approximate Seating by Tent Size
30x30 Canopy Tent 72
30x45 Canopy Tent 104
30x60 Canopy Tent 144
30x75 Canopy Tent 144
30x90 Canopy Tent 216
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Our White Canopy Tents rely on tension to hold the shape of the tent system and are supported by single or multiple center poles in the middle of the tent area and a series of side poles around the perimeter of the tent area. Canopy Pole Tents have ropes and stakes around the perimeter, and ideally are used on grass or dirt only. With the large variety of sizes, these tents are used for weddings, corporate events, private parties, graduations and commencements, and conferences. Check out our Frame Tents ,  Other Pole TentsSpecialty Clear Top and Sail Cloth Tents