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100' Wide Pole Tent

A 100′ Wide Pole Tent provides more covered area for less money than any other type of party tent.  Knights Tent and Party’s tents are built tough. These are popular party tents. Tent tops are made with first quality vinyl.

This tent is perfect for use by universities  for commencements, auctioneers, corporate events, and for use as  storage.

You have many options when renting this 100′ wide Pole Tent. Add solid white walls or square cathedral window walls.

This tent is sound for wind resistance but requires many more stakes than smaller high peak tents. 

If a pole tent is not a good option for your event, consider our Structure Tents. Another recommended option is American Structure Tent

Tent Sizes – Expandable by 30′ Increments

  • 100′ x 90′
  • 100′ x 120′
  • 100′ x 150′ 
  • 100′ x 180′
  • 100′ x 220′


  • Keder Sidewalls 
  • Glass or Vinyl Doors
  • Flooring
  • Chandeliers 

100′ x 90′ Example Configurations:

100′ x 120′ Example Configuration: