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Yes! Knight’s Tent and Party Rental conducts business all season long. There is no need to be concerned about losing your job because the event season is slowing down.  You can expect a steady 40 hours of work a week in the winter and many weeks are very busy. 

Our company has created opportunities through several different methods. Such as:

  • Winter Structure Rental 
  • Snow Plowing 
  • Freight & Trucking 
  • Facility & Organization Improvements

Winter Structure Rental – is actually extremely popular and our company does have very large percentage of our revenue over the winter season. You can expect that our large commercial structures will be rented throughout the season between November and April. Typically these structure are rented for the long term and used as warehouses and facilities. However, these typically come in waves, which is why we have other sources of revenue within our company. 

Snow Plowing has recently been added to our list of capabilities and sources of work and revenue.  Of course this is depended on the weather and how much snow fall we have during a given year. 

Freight and Trucking is another source of revenue for our company . We are a federal motor carrier which means that we can haul freight for other companies companies. We are registered with some of the largest carriers in the country such as Ch Robinson, Amazon, FedEx and JB Hunt. We frequently do box truck loads, power only loads, flatbed loads !


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Knight's sources of work and company

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